The Pinellas Pioneer Settlement, Inc.



Brantley Building
Built in 1888, the Brantley Building was brought to the Settlement and is currently in use as a General Store.A Stop by and enjoy a game of checkers on the front porch then browse our old tyme offerings of toys and crafts and other products.A Don't forget to grab an ice cold root beer!

Baby it's hot in here!A A Watch the art of blacksmithing--from knives to hinges and everything in between.A Can you tell the temperature of the fire from it's color?A TheA Blacksmith can.A And what are all those tools--come watch a demonstration and get the answers to all your questions!

Endicott House
Watch as we restore this family home built in 1898.A We're in Stage One--foundation work.A Once restored, you'll walk through an early St. Petersburg home and enjoy the simple, functional and beautiful furnishing and equipment of the late 1800's and early 1900's.A Notice the children's toys.

Print Shop
No one will win a texting contest here.A But one can't help but appreciate the time and effort taken to produce publications that were the lifeline of many a community.A Try your own hand and print out your name.A Then learn about the various inks and stamps used in this honorable profession.

Look at the size of those blades!A Lumber was generated across the nation through sawmills just like this one.A Family homes, stores and other buildings rising from the supply of board created.A Men worked hard and it was risky; nothing close to the safety equipment available today.
Syrup Shed
It might be quicker to grab a jar off the supermarket shelf, but hard work has its reward.A Imagine the taste of fresh syrup on hot homemade pancakes.A Yum!

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